Josh Garvin Bio


Josh is a photographer/filmmaker from Long Island. He graduated from American University with a BA in Film/Photography and a BA in Philosophy.


Enchanted Prague Cityscapes’ Photo Exhibition, Czech Embassy, Washington, DC, [Mar-May 2008]
‘Plato’s Republic’ Photo Exhibition, American University, Washington, DC, [Apr 2008]
‘Our Photographs: When the Hypocheck Turns Blue’ AU Lab Assistant Photo Exhibition, Washington, DC, British Ink Tattoo Studio and Gallery, [Dec 2007-Jan 2008]


Winner, Outstanding Portfolio Photography Visions Film and Photo Festival [2008]
Winner, John R. Bowden Jr. Memorial Scholarship for Photography Students [2008]
Winner, American Society of Media Photographers/Penn Camera Award of Excellence [2008]

Short Films

Director: Descent– [2006]
Director: Schnitzel– Cinema Dance 24 hour film festival, Czech Republic [2007]
Director: The Confession– Prague, Czech Republic -Winner, Outstanding Narrative Production Short Visions Film and Photo Festival [2008]
Director: Topeka– [2008]
Writer/Director: Bad Left – [2009]
Producer/Writer/Director: The Door [2009]

Feature Film

Cinematographer: Still– [2008]

2nd Assistant Director: Bye Bye Fruit Fly [2009]


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